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Updated for public domain on June 21st, 2009


The focus of the  2009 Nutrition Project  will be to study the intimate microbiological community that provides nutrient uptake in grain.

Replications of treated and untreated inoculation with mycorrhizae, plus other beneficial microbe seed will focus on two lines of heirloom sweet corn with high levels of anthocyanin. Nutritional profiling of total protein will continue with corn.

When Double Red was first tested for anthocyanin levels 09/04/08, concentrations were at 29.7mg/100g, a color change was just beginning. Twenty-one days later this purple corn had attained anthocyanin concentration of 47mg/100gr, at full color change. With base-line data for Double Red at 80mg/gr, there has been a major decline in anthocyanins in 2008. With the soil and elemental profiles of Double Red unknown for the current season, it is impossible to explain these declines in antioxidant levels, but again calcium elemental levels in soil and plant are managed with microbial systems. The goal of this year's research is to study two functional microbial groups, responsible for elemental transfer.

This summary was prepared with assistance from Dave and Jill Bergin, with Jason G. Gibson working as an "Initiate Organic Ranger." It is dedicated to the great saxophonist LeRoy Moore, with the Dave Matthews Band, who passed away in 2008.