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the green man
1 post
May 23, 2008
6:08 PM
Hey Guys and Gals we are getting together this summer solstice for a unique and fun event!

The gorge grown eco team in alliance with the trailend b&b are hosting a cob workshop and bread oven project. The workshop will include basic instruction in the building materials and techniques to successfully build a cob bread oven.

After completion the participants will bake a pizza in the oven we have all built together. This will be a great opportunity to get together with your neighbors and friends to dance in the mud, get creative and bake bread.

We are hoping to inspire others to build thier own backyard ovens and promote sustainabilty locally, regionaly and globaly. Any one interested can contact myself through the website or trailend b&b.

Looking forward to getting down in the dirt with you all...
The Green Man.
1 post
May 28, 2008
5:57 PM
"Stevens" soft white wheat was organically grown in Trout Lake, WA. by Farmgate Organics in 2007.

Heritage Seeds and Foods purchased 300 pounds of this wheat in May and began cleaning for milling to flour. I'm donating 20 pounds of finished flour for someone to make into product as part of this baking project. We're looking for buyers of this whole grain flour at a base price of 70 cents per pound.

I look forward to attending this event and will pass the word on to as many bakers as possible...

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