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Jul 30, 2008
8:17 AM
While searching the internet for hard red winter wheat berry I came across the Gorge-Grown-Eco-Team. By phoning (541)806-6865 Munk Bergen, "seed contractor", I found gardenculture.us

Since I called on a Sunday, I left a message saying that I was looking for a source to purchase hard red winter wheat for emergency preparedness. I said that I might require 1000 pounds. Jason Gibson returned the call. (Since talking with Jason I was able to locate another more immediate source for my small purchase.) What I understand from our conversation is that the smaller farms sell to the public.

I was asked if I was aware that hard red wheat was in high demand, that commodities are being bought up by large bakeries. He also asked if I was aware that the price could be as high as a dollar a pound. (I told him that I was thinking the cost might rise to $1.70 per pound.) Jason indicated that the local farms producing hard red spring wheat will be available in September-October. A 32# unit in a 5 gallon buckets may sell for about a dollar a pound (no guarantee on price), but nothing was said about shipping cost! The best option is for us to buy now and not wait until Sept-October as the prices are rising. I will save at least $246 if I am able to have delivered to Salem, Oregon: organic hard red winter wheat (14% protein) ...50lbs...$37.30.

I am glad of the chance to speak with Jason and I will keep your contact information for future reference. I feel that I was blessed by being in contact with the Crew at gardenculture.us (Munk) and with Jason Gibson.

Onion and Garlic are of some interest to me for canning purposes which is also for emergency preparedness. At the local United Grocers in Salem, Oregon, I found onions ... 50lbs ...$10

Sorry, did I miss spell Munk's last name? I found his name and telephone number on the Internet.

----- Original Message -----
From: ChipMunk
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 9:55 AM
Subject: Availablity of OG seed and staple commodities from Heritage Seeds and Foods 2008 Season.

Thanks for your interest in my materials and local sustainability. Fully mature seed is my focus.

My efforts are mainly on the level of growing open-pollenated corn, beans, chickpeas[ garbonzo ] and onions / garlic, with a strong passion for heirloom grains of late. As an organic producer I am interested in high nutritional values on the amino acid level as well as anti-oxidant level. My nutrition study continues this season with five growers, all organic, focused on improving the nutritional value in their crops.

We are working with local growers and several acres of hard red spring wheat that is coming along well, with high hopes for a bountiful harvest.

I look forward to working with you and your community Carole, feel free to keep in touch,
fare-well for now.

Best Regards,

Dave Bergen ENT

p.s. should you feel inclinded, please post a note on our bulletin board in regards to your endeavor to store & preserve food... grow a garden-based economy!

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