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Team Building, Earth Families & Natural Time...
"Exploring the building blocks of biology..."


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Garden Culture Economy & Home Based Business!


Hectic economic times require co-operative group endeavors and "grounding."

Nature is abundant and regenerative. Self-sustainability is the key to deprogramming from the excessive "throw-away" attitude of today's fast paced  OVER SIZED "hype" economy - in other words, an over-inflated MINDSET rooted in debt, scarcity and FEAR. 

For the majority of folks, modern living in the 21st century is characterized by STRESS, BIG MONEY& SOCIAL NEUROSIS. People everywhere are subject to the high cost's of living and excessive government spending which compromises our quality of life. This program of corporate colonization is blatantly at odds with the delicate balance of our biosphere and is unsustainable, therefor WE must need(s) transform it and be transformed!  

Our eco-team players offer a  "down to earth"  home based alternative perspective to the status quo. Through the "art of living," rooted in the principle of natural law & the cyclical order or "seasons of synchronicity," we invite ya'll to simply investigate the distinct characteristics & effects of natural time - 13:28 and artificial time - 12:60.

Contemplating your very own Kin Ship Garden today. 

The bounty of nature is often obscured by fast food belief system(s) and a "time is money"  life-style/attitude. This years  "Cycle of the Seed"  theme re-introduces your family to the basic building blocks of biology. We can return to the simplicity of life and find more time for what's really important - LIVING & LOVING.


Here & NOW!