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Sustainability Forum
2008 Portland Mayoral Candidate
3125 East Burnside -- May 11, 2008 --

Sunday, May 18th, 6:00 p.m.
Live from the backyard at 3125 East Burnside


Organized Action

Shifting the 'American Dream' into a

Sustainable Reality Model

If the answers to many of our global challenges lay in the backyard gardens of residential homes and in the community gardens of towns all across America, what will you do, as Mayor, to help Portland continue to lead by example? In other words, how would you lead the Citizens of Portland into a sustainable future so that we may, in turn, lead other Citizens around the country as well as around the world, to these answers which are fundamentally linked to the thrive-ability of all human-kind?

Neither the City Repair Project or the American Center for Sustainability,
endorse any Candidates for public office

All 13 Candidates for Portland Mayor are welcome to attend...

So far, Sam Adams, Sho Dozono and Chris Rich have confirmed their appearance

An audio recording will be offered for deposit with the Oregon Historical Society

Video footage will be aired on the Sustainable Today Show

The message is just this,

It's time to mobilize now!

People  Power-Up!

Please call 503-550-9840
for more information

Brought to you by the City Repair Project & The American Center for Sustainability

This event is to take place at the Village Building Convergence Headquarters, one week before the convergence begins. I'm working hard to create a mock micro-farm for this event and to arrange for piles of Llama, Bison, Chicken, and Worm manure to be delivered. Poop will be sold as a fund-raising item. I'm also working to arrange and borrow two goats and three chickens and, if possible, a coop and chicken tractor.

 ACS has around 15,000 edible "Plants for Peace", for distribution and a greenhouse. I hope to have time to construct the water recirculation system. There will be a compost pile. With increased people power, this will all happen very quickly. Parking might be limited.... we are working to arrange for a Bio-Diesel Shuttle Bus from parking lots on Burnside.

...Have options for amplified acoustic music through a Mackie Sound System and I'm happy to entertain other options. A flier will be professionally designed Sunday night and should be ready for electronic circulation Monday morning. We will have 7 days for distribution. The flier will be printed on hemp paper during the week. I might have a caterer lined-up... happy to entertain all options, including, question tweaking as I very rapidly put together this event which very quickly transformed from what if... ...to what is! What is about to happen became, last week, an idea that was ripe for the pickin'. Now, let us all be filled with the promises spoken from those who would lead this the Community of Portland forward, toward our sustainable future together!


I'm hungry for an answer how bout you?